“If people want to say I seem too nice to be a footballer, that’s good. It’s just the way I am.”


"What does Oscar miss the most when he is not in London?" x

"It would be crude to label Oscar as a classic Brazilian #10. That stereotypical technical player is given a free role in midfield, and is charged with the defense splitting vision to feed the goal scorers upfront. They draw the plaudits for technique and vision, shimmying away from challenges nonchalantly before unexpectedly showing the type of creativity fans can’t help but applaud. Crude, not because Oscar isn’t capable of these things (he most certainly is), but because it detracts from how modern of a player he is, having evolved past these tired old labels in much the same way the game of football has evolved over the past decades. His game is less about swagger and more about intelligent decision making, fueled by his crisp passing and delicate touches. His first touch, in particular, is excellent, and his ability to pop up throughout the pitch, with a well timed late run into the box or a one-two on the flanks, can make you feel like he is playing multiple positions. And in many ways, he is.” - Rio Coimbra

Did I adequately answer your condescending question?

The Social Network (2010)
Written by Aaron Sorkin
Directed by David Fincher


get to know me meme - [1/5] favorite female characters: amy santiago (brooklyn nine nine)

"Dogs are my whole life. Also work. Doing work and hanging with dogs, that’s my lifestyle."